intermediairy outcomes

Some i-wire intermediairy results have been published in academic articles, such as:

Borghi P., Mori A., Semenza R., Alla ricerca di cittadinanza: il lavoro autonomo professionale in Italia, Germania e Regno Unito, in Quaderni di Rassegna Sindacale, 2/2017, Roma, Ediesse Edizioni

Borghi P., Mori A., Semenza R.,  (2018). Self-employed professionals in the European labour market. A Comparison between Italy, Germany and the UK. Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research.


Others will be soon published:

Lorquet, N., Orianne, J.-F. & Pichault, F. (2017). Who takes care of nonstandard career paths? The role of labour market intermediaries. European Journal of Industrial Relations (forthcoming).

Huybrechts, B., Pichault, F. & Xhauflair, X. (2017). How can new players establish themselves in highly institutionalized labour markets? A Belgian case study in the area of project-based work. British Journal of Industrial Relations (forthcoming).


And some intermediairy results of the i-wire projects have been presented in the frame of academic conferences, such as:

June 2017 at SASE conference in Lyon:

Koene, B and Pichault, F., 2017, Autonomous Work, Labor Market Intermediaries and New Forms of Social Dialogue. Contribution to SASE 2017 session E-18: Flexicurity and the Precariat.

July 2017 at EGOS conference in Copenhagen:

Koene, B and Pichault, F., 2017, The role of third-party actors in securing nonstandard career paths: towards new patterns in career management? Contribution to subtheme 560 “Sustainable careers: a new paradigm for the contemporary world of work?”, EGOS conference 2017, Copenhagen.

August 2017 at Academy of Management symposium in Atlanta:

Koene, B. and Pichault F., 2017, Reshaping the social dialogue for autonomous workers? The role of third party actors. Contribution to showcase symposium, Academy of Management 2017, Atlanta.