Partners presentation

Universita Di Milano
RENATA SEMENZA Name: Renata Semenza
Function: Professor of Economic and Labour Sociology at the University of Milan, Department of Social and Political Sciences (SPS)
Contact: renata.semenza[a]
Paolo Borghi Name: Paolo Borghi
Function: Social Researcher and Phd Candidate specialised on representation and participation of different social groups, cognitive capitalism and urban regeneration
Contact: paolo.borghi[a]
Anna Mori Name: Anna Mori
Function: Research fellow at the Department of Social and Political Sciences
Contact: anna.mori[a]

F. Pichault Name: François Pichault
Function: President LENTIC and Full Professor HEC Liège Management School – University of Liège
Contact: f.pichault[a]
F. Naedenoen Name: Frédéric Naedenoen
Function: Senior Researcher
Contact: fnaedenoen[a]
Manuela L.Samek Name: Manuela L. Samek
Function: Director of Institut d’Estudis del Treball (IET) and director of Master in Social Policy, Employment and Welfare
Contact: msamek[a]

B.A.S. Koene Name: B.A.S. Koene
Function: empty
Contact: bkoene[a]

Lars Walter Name: Lars Walter
Function: empty

B.Gazier Name: Bernard Gazier
Function: Emeritus professor of economics at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. His field of interest are: labour market transitions and policies, social dialogue
Contact: gazier[a]
Antonella Corsani Name: Antonella Corsani
Function: empty
Contact: antonella.corsani[a]
Marie-Christine Bureau Name: Marie-Christine Bureau
Function: empty
Contact: marie-christine.bureau[a]

Martin Name: Antionio Martin Artiles
Function: Director of Institut d’Estudis del Treball (IET) and director of Master in Social Policy, Employment and Welfare
Contact: antonio.martin[a]
Molina_web Name: Oscar Molina Romo
Function: Associate professor Sociology
Contact: oscar.molina[a]

K.Sirok Name: Klemen Sirok
Function: Assistant professor and senior lecturer
Contact: klemen.sirok[a]

Anna Soru Name: Anna Soru
Function: ACTA President and economic researcher, specialised in small businesses and labor, especially high qualification labor
Contact: anna[a]
Christina Zanni Name: Cristina Zanni
Function: Research consultant in labour market specialised in young people with high qualification
Contact: cristina.zanni[a]
elena sinibaldi Name: Elena Sinibaldi
Function: Researcher on policies evaluation and local development processes
Contact: esinibaldi[a]

foto ris 2016 Name: Sarah de Heusch
Function: Project officer for Development & Strategy
Contact: ris[a]

Cesar García Arnal Name: Cesar García Arnal
Function: Secretary General of association of self-employed workers of Madrid
Contact: empty